HTC Is making earbuds resembling Apple’s Air pods

HTC Is making earbuds resembling Apple’s Air pods
HTC Is making earbuds resembling Apple’s Air pods

2020 is a digital age and there is no doubt about that. This age of devices, gadgets and wearables is fought almost every day, with the consumers being the attendees to these wager and tech giants fighting it out in the middle of the arena. Every month tech giants hold conferences and meets all around the world where they mostly focus towards unleashing a new installment in the world of Technology, a never-ending world of possibilities. HTC Is making earbuds resembling Apple’s Air pods.

Since Apple decided to simply get rid of the headphone jack for reasons still unknown to us, they introduced Apple Air pods. A pair of technology that is already included in the upcoming Apple handsets specifically constructed to replace the headphone jack. They are not only capable of connecting over Bluetooth but can be connected over a common network as well. Apple stated, “We’ve reached the potential with the Air Pods”. Undoubtedly Apple has always been considered a pioneer in introducing technology never seen and felt by its followers.

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Well, remember HTC? The same brand that came up with the HTC Prime, one of world’s first ever android phone. HTC recently held a virtual event where they not only teased a new upcoming flagship but also the “U Ear” air pods, but what separates U Ear from Apple’s Air Pods? Absolutely nothing except the color. It is like HTC just copied a page out of Apple’s book and pretended they did not. However, HTC users carry high hopes and expectations of U Ear. Will HTC too decide to leave the headphone jack behind as a lost soldier? Time will tell.


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