Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Moving

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Moving
Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Moving

Earth is magnificent in its own way, from meteorites passing close, eclipses, and even the solar system sky sightings recently, we have seen Earth communicate with the outside world in a pace and way of its own. Another news that recently surfaced on the “Nature Geoscience” magazine caught eyes and attention of many is how a few scientists from the UK have uncovered the moving north pole. Sounds fascinating right? Well the news first surfaced in early 2019 when the magnetic north pole was clearly calculated moving towards Siberia from the state of Canada. Uncanny, yet true to literally earths core.

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The magnetic field was recorded to be moving approximately 55km per year. This is a surprisingly rapid pace as the magnetic field was noted close to the Siberian borders. The scientists have not yet declared this an alarming news and have pointed certainty at how many times this has already happened over the course of earths history. If this has happened before, what is different this instance? This is where scientists are bothered when one of them stated “We’re surprised, just how quick and rapid this thing is moving”.

The magnetic field earth possesses is generated by molten iron to its outer core. This liquid magma keeps erupting and moving in its own pace as the earth moves around. Scientists have named the reason behind the phenomenon to be the two writhing lobes clouting it out close to the earths core.
In another edition of the same magazine the phenomenon was as mistaken blobs.

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