Do Kids Learn Faster than Adults?

Do Kids Learn Faster than Adults?
Do Kids Learn Faster than Adults?

We all know that children are fast learners, however, it will be interesting to find out that often times children outperform the adults in learning something such as a sport. The development of prefrontal cortex in the brain makes adults undergo functional fixedness because that is the brain part which stores working memory. As a result of more developed prefrontal cortex, adults see things a certain way and perceive them precisely as they are. Whereas a child perceives things differently; a broomstick may be a javelin stick to him.

The prefrontal cortex in children triggers their creativity and provides them with ability of being inventive and flexible. Kids’ minds have been designed to learn whereas adults’ minds are designed to perform. Children’s ability to create things and learn faster is really fascinating. Therefore, childhood is the best stage where a child could be pushed to try new and diverse things. There is a saying that asserts you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; this highlights the truth of children’s fast learning.

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A human baby is born with around one hundred billion brain cells. The amount is equal to the number a human adult has through entire life. although new cells get added to prefrontal cortex, by the age of 2 the only brain region growing constantly is hippocampus. Hippocampus is associated with a child’s learning and retention. However, the main reason for children’s fast learning is the organization of neurons.

At two, a child has double the number of synapses connecting neurons as found in adults. As the child grows, the brain reduces the connections and the adult brain is more efficient. At early stages of development, the brain is more plastic and that is exactly the reason for children’s absorbing every new information better and faster than an adult.

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