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The historical Badshahi Mosque of Lahore

The Historical Badshahi Mosque is located in Lahore city opposite Minar-e-Pakistan. The monument is enormously magnificent and a wonderful piece of Islamic architecture. The mosque was completed in the year 1674 during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb who had a knack for architectural flings.

The sublime mosque faces the gateway of Lahore Fort, another reminder of the history of Mughal rule in this area. Its minarets are made of red stone, there are beautiful gateways and three marble domes which are vast and add to its beauty. The courtyard is open and wide and can contain one lac people at a time.

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The mosque got damaged by British but was later restored. Small rooms located above the main gate have hair of The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) along with other relics. In the evening when it is illuminated the mosque looks incredibly beautiful.

The mosque got international limelight in 1991 when the Princess of Wales visited the mosque and the director or Imam of the mosque presented her with a copy of the Holy Quran. Some hardline mullahs got offended over the incident as they believed presenting the Quran to a non-Muslim was not an act worthy of appreciation. The tomb of Allama Iqbal stands in the courtyard of the mosque; it is a modest memorial built in red sandstone. Iqbal was the philosophical poet who presented the idea of separate land for Muslims in the sub-continent.


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