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Childhood, the gladdest part of our lives

Childhood, the gladdest part of our lives
Childhood, the gladdest part of our lives

I always see a shade of joy and happiness on the faces of the people who are speaking about one’s childhood memories reflects a colour of joy on our faces. With no responsibility or sorrow, childhood is undoubtedly the happiest period of our life. a child does not have to worry about paying bills, making assignments or shopping for the whole family. The only task children have is to play either with toys or their playmates.

Another amazing attribute of a child is that others tend to display affection and love to small children. The heavenly little faces of little humans are always praised by adults, no matter if a child is cute or not. We must show the children they are important for us; it will boost their confidence as they are future of this world. An interesting fact about recalling our childhood is exposed by psychologists; they believe that we filter out the negative experiences and emotions from our childhood memories.

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It is human that no one wants to remember or recall bad experiences from their past. Childhood is that time when we are not concerned about stresses and struggles of adult life. A life period with no serious responsibility surely seems to be the gladdest period. Children’s life is memorable and more pleasant than adults’ because they keep receiving rewards and nice comments about their looks and their qualities. However, psychology asserts that our mind makes us see our past as more pleasant than it really was.

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