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Drug are destroying our young generation

The evil of drugs is taking youth by storm, ruining them physically and destroying them mentally. Lack of will power in youth is the main cause of drug addiction. Youth takes to drugs in case of lesser support from family and the same lack of family support halters their proper restoration. Drug are destroying our young generation.

In majority cases about relapse occurs after they leave rehabilitation centre. These centres generally called rehabs, try to generate a strong will power among patients to enable them to fight the urge. The doctors working in rehabs claim that most of the youth coming to rehab centres are addicted to alcohol, cannabis and opioid.

The psychiatrists observe unexplained injuries, memory problems and weight loss as the most common effects of drug addiction. Besides these, the patients carry odd smells, changes in behavior and mood swings in the addicts. Parents often fail to address such issues at later stages but if they keep an eye on their youngsters’ company and social activities, this menace can be avoided and nipped in the very beginning.

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They should build an emotional bond with their children to help stop from taking resort to drugs. Parents should set clear rules for children to follow besides acting as a role model for them. There must be strong enough connection between parents and children that parents can talk about the negative outcomes of dug consumption. The findings of an interactive session of drug abusers reveal stress in youth to be the main reason for taking up drugs.

In majority of drug abusers, bad company was fount out to be the major cause behind dug consumption. An unhealthy home atmosphere, depression and disloyal friends are among other reasons that youth takes to alcohol and drugs. Most youngsters start drugs as fun to keep company with friends but after few attempts, they get addicted to them and cannot constrain the urge of consuming drugs any more.

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