Why students feel Maths is difficult

Why students feel Maths is difficult
Why students feel Maths is difficult

In a Gallup survey in 2005 students were asked which subject they found the most difficult at schools. The results were not surprising as Maths topped the list of the toughest school subject. Have you ever thought what makes it so difficult for students? Let’s first define the word difficult.

Something which is not readily easily done and requires much skills, planning or labour to be performed is called difficult. Doing Maths needs persistence and patience which children of young age lack.  Most of the students feel that Maths is not something which may comes to them automatically or by intuition.

They think that solving Mathematical problems requires lots of effort and they will have to devote plenty of energy and time. It shows that finding Maths difficult is not related to brainpower rather it is a thing about staying powerful. Students may fail to getting it done within given time frame by the teacher. Scientists believe that humans are wired with variant math comprehension skills.

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According to them those who use left-brain to think understand things in successive bits whereas those with artistic bent of mind or right-brainers, think more globally. They take in lots of information and need time to let it sink in, therefore left-brainers tend to grasp concepts more quickly as they focus on sequence and they process information bit by bit.

Learning and doing Maths is like building blocks and most students are not ready to enter a new level when they get promoted to a new grade, in other words they are not ready for further mathematical level. Parents and teachers need to realise that moving on without fully understanding the mathematic concepts will pose serious problems for students when they reach higher classes.

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