Sports are as important as academics

Sports are as important as academics
Sports are as important as academics

Sports and academic learning complement each other. It seems parents and children both have forgotten the implication of both in the development of a child. Sports along with academic learning when carried out in organized way upsurges the potential of children and finally shapes their personality. Sports are as important as academics.

Education is simply a means to gather knowledge and advance children’s academic skills, while sports offer them the qualities of sharing, leadership,team-spirit and tolerance. In today’s age, both academics and sports are equally vital. They are indeed just the two sides of the same coin. It is seen that students aspiring to become doctors or engineers skip sports and become book worms.

Being burdened with the bulk of the syllabus they are constantly in a state of nervousness which declines their physical activity. It is imperative that universities and colleges pay equal attention to students’ physical fitness as academic scores. Playing sports keeps students mentally active and physically fit.

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Sports help them develop a better perspective on life and induces in them the feeling of competition which is also good for professional career. Sports keep students away from taking up unhealthy activities like alcohol or drugs. It gives an outlet to their emotions of anger and aggression.

Sports are also the best means to utilize energy and build up stamina. Students who play games learn patience, practice and persistence which helps them beyond the sports arena. Practicing this 3P’s formula they can bring significant improvement to other areas of life. They learn to work hard for their goals and learn to never give up on their dreams.

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