How can teachers help students in memorization?

How can teachers help students in memorization?
How can teachers help students in memorization?

Learning is not all about the ability to regurgitate what one has crammed before exams, but memorization is important as it enables a learner to build content knowledge. Expertise cannot be achieved without memorizing the basic concepts. Human memory system is wired to filter the information it gets, process it by discarding unnecessary bits and storing only that information which is most relevant.

Memorization as a technique helps us create recalls for words and terms. Certain information like scientific terms or words from a foreign language cannot be retained unless we memories them. We cannot overlook importance of memorization as a learning strategy therefore teachers need to devise ways to help learners with their memory.

Engaging students with chunking of words that is grouping items or putting things into categories, will make retention better. If students learn to break down items into further classes it will be easy for them to recall it. When students find learning the spellings of some word hard, placing a word before or after that word will help remember it.

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Vocabulary can be taught in so many ways including synonyms, prefixes and suffixes. In order to improve learners’ working memory use of mental imagery will be very effective. Showing them the visual or picture will strengthen the concept in their minds. Visual images help children remember and recall vocabulary easily.

Helping them connect something with an emotion will increase the chances of remembering it. For example, name a historical event and ask children to put themselves in that event. Ask them how they feel, now you can use that very emotion of students for making them remember that event later on.

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