Are we too dependent on technology?

Are we too dependent on technology?
Are we too dependent on technology?

We may not realise it but the fact remains that we are too dependent on technology. Our dependence on technology has induced in us a constant feeling of anxiety. We feel anxious if we misplace our phone and cannot find it or when we cannot find the way to our friends’ homes through Google maps.

It is wrong to say that older generation hates technology whereas millennials love it because people of every age group cannot do without technology. Millennials are rather obsessed with it as they have embraced digital life to further extent. The reality is that too much dependence on technology is destructive to us on social and individual level.

If we want to be innovative, we will have to reduce our addiction to technology. Our digital addiction has its own dangers as its overuse will lead us to over-indulgence which finally creates anxiety and depression. We may become less sensitive to others’ pain as we are constantly bombarded with news of aggression, murder and abuse.

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Digital interaction like what happens on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram will deprive us of the joy of real-life communication. Waiting and expecting replies within seconds has made us impatient. We want to reach everything in a matter of few minutes and when we cannot, we lose patience.

Taking notes on phones and making drafts for to-do-lists is impairing our memory. As we rely more on such methods, we tend to forget things unless we have saved them in phone. It can be debated that we are highly addicted with digital world. Our addiction to games and social media is nothing hidden. Replacing our skills with technology gradually strips us of that skill or the ability to imply it properly.


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