Why to use technology in education?

Why to use technology in education?
Why to use technology in education?

Use of technology is something momentum, the greatest ever change in teaching methodology. Teachers can use it as afantastic opportunity for themselves to do experiment with their teaching and grow as instructors. It has been years that teachers and policy makers have been researching the potential uses and risks of using technology in classrooms. use technology in education.

The debate has become pressing as teachers feel compelled to use technology because the curriculum is incorporating technology usage. Some people think that it will allow instructors in experimenting with pedagogy by engaging students in a better way while others believe that it is going to become a distraction and may nurture cheating among students.

With students of today being digital natives, technology is woven into their daily lives. Being able to utilize technology is in fact among the basic skills one needs in 21st century. However, use of technology in classroom facilitates teachers and learners in creating a sound relationship. By allowing technology in classrooms, the risk of getting distracted by phones, laptops and tablets remains there.

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Seeing the both sides of the picture teachers can either see technology as a culprit responsible for low engagement of students in learning or they could harness it to the benefit of the learners. Digital learning creates new opportunities of learning while teaching faculty adapt their teaching practices to the hybrid courses, personalize instruction and use a wide range of innovative strategies.

Success of learners in today’s era requires thoughtful consumption of online content and also calls for effective collaboration to create digital media, use dynamic storytelling to communicate ideas and use data visualization.

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