Why teachers need to have patience?

Why teachers need to have patience?
Why teachers need to have patience?

Patience and tolerance are two qualities that guarantee an individual’s success. A patient person can cope with the most annoying and worrisome situations calmly. For those dealing with a large number of people on daily basis patience is a plus point. Teachers have to deal with problematic, disruptive or annoying learners daily.

Patience is defined as the element that demands restraint rather than release. As a teacher you need to be patient with your students’ slow progress. Anne Sullivan Macy the woman who taught the famous Helen Keller, a blind lady known for her excellent writings, shares some tips for teachers to practise patience.

She recommends for teachers to be understanding. Patience without trying to understand your students will be of no good. Teachers must know the weaknesses and strengths of their students; they also need to know their learning styles so that if one thing does not work for a few students they may switch to the other.

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Take individual student’s needs into consideration. It will create a better rapport between the educator and the learner. Moreover, try to adjust according to what students need. You cannot push someone with rough mood to complete a task. Give them time until they start feeling better and are able to perform well.

Preparedness solves a lot of problems. If a teacher enters a classroom fully prepared, it will lessen the chances of any disruption and save the teacher from frustration.  A teacher must learn to be positive. Even when correcting students’ mistakes, put a positive spin to the correction. This way they will accept the correction readily and it will motivate them towards progress.

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