The degrees are only the certification to get a job

With the passing times the worth of educational degrees is decreasing due to the low level of instruction at colleges and universities. Since the government announced attorney of the educational institutions in Pakistan, these institutions have become degree-churning factories. The degrees are only the certification to get a job.

Every year thousands of students pass out from these institutes but they fail to deliver in practical life. With a cut-throat competition among universities in the country there is a never-ending race to rank higher in Higher Education Commission’s list of good universities. As a result, the standard of education is suffering.

Even teachers are involved in malpractices. They inform the students what to prepare for exams. They are generous in assigning grades and marks with the result of sending unskilled lot into the job markets. Students getting more than 3 CGPA are incompetent in practical terms. The situation is disappointing.

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Government needs to take strict measures to improve the standard of education. There needs to be check and balance with the introduction of some kind of external examination to ensure better education being imparted at universities. For technical fields internship is a great way to prepare skilled workforce.

Degrees do not ensure the skills needed for any field, we must devise ways to teach something with hands-on experience that gives the students not only the desired skills but also some sort of experience.

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