Is political influence damaging educational structure

Is political influence damaging educational structure
Is political influence damaging educational structure

Religion, politics and education are often seen inter-wined with one another in our country. With religion laying the basis of educational system, political decisions also come to play their role in affecting education system.political influence damaging educational structure.

Unfortunately, things have not been going smooth on political front in the country since its inception. With governments changing every two or three years, political stability has always been a dream for the masses. Political instability has always left a negative mark on our education system because each political party after coming into power, wanted to introduce their own curriculum and implement their own policies.

With ever-changing policies, education system has become like a thread-bare dress which is hard to be sewn and put together again. It is not only experimenting with educational policies that has affected the system badly but also political influence on the system that has made it retarded at public sector.

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The greed for funds has made politicians to create ghost schools with ghost staff, which exists only on papers. The corrupt politicians have been drawing large number of funds in the name of such ghost schools. it is only with the freedom of media that such corruption has been exposed. Political positions also affect merit at educational institutions.

Undue favours, bribery and references have become the fashion. Students with references from some political leader manage to get admission easily thus negating the value of merit. In this race of influence and money, deserving students lag behind. Political power also comes to play in transfers and postings of staff at schools and colleges.

Teachers can get transferred to the place of their choice with recommendation from some politician even when the seat or even the department does not exist in the said place.

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