Does environment affect learning?

Does environment affect learning?
Does environment affect learning?

Environment plays major role in learning. This is established that some people cannot tolerate any kind of distraction when they are trying to focus on learning something. They need silence and isolation to enjoy their reading or focus on their work.

This leads us to this question; does environment affect our learning? Certain people are good at multi-tasking, they can enjoy music while working. For them, music boosts their productivity and leaves a soothing effect on them. Yet, it cannot be true of all everyone. Each of us has unique learning needs and we learn according to out unique learning style.

Noise is the biggest distraction in the environment. Noise can exist in the outer environment or it may be within a person’s mind. Noise may also mean a rush of uncontrollable thoughts that does not let an individual focus. Students’ attention can be increased by putting restrictions on cell phone usage, breaking down large tasks into smaller units and by trying to put up with distractions.

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After all, getting distracted is a normal thing. The other side of too much comfort is not good to look at. When we try to get more comfortable, we may slip into an unwanted or unplanned nap or get lost in daydreaming. Keeping attentive and alert is the key to sustain focus. Environment is also constituted by the lighting and temperature of the room.

Inadequate light or improper temperature, like too cold or too warm, may cause discomfort to a learner. It is scientifically proven now that natural daylight is a great source of alertness. Regular breaks are necessary to keep students active and focused.

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