Importance of career counseling at schools

Importance of career counseling at schools
Importance of career counseling at schools

Career counseling is important in helping students to decide the profession of their choice. The counselors keep students’ academic preferences in mind while suggesting certain path for them. Students should also be taught self-analysis. This way we can help them make better career choices.

Career counselling is a great way to identify students’ real potential and guide them to a right career path. Before students pick up an academic discipline, they should know the importance of counselling. Counselling will help them in selecting a career goal and planning to reach it. It gives them a direction for better future prospects.

Students are always in need of proper guidance and counselling provides them with that guidance. In present times counselling the need of the students while they are making career decisions during their academic years. It is an attempt to give students guidance about right profession according to their interest and academics.

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When career counselling is introduced at school level, students are facilitated to find out their area of interest at early stage. They also get to know their strength and weaknesses in the light of the requirements of certain profession. Providing counselling at grade-9 till 11th gives students a chance to opt for a stream and later on change it if they feel themselves misfit or do not feel satisfied with their choice.

Moreover, nowadays counsellors are conducting psychometric tests that help them find out about students’ aptitude or interests along with their strong and weak areas. Theses tests further assist them to see what options are available in the market, see if there is an alternate career option available to the students if they decide to change their field in future.

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