Cramming is the only choice for exams

It happens to students all the time, seeing exams far away they are least bothered. But as the exams reach near, they start panicking and then cramming things up seems the only solution. As a matter of fact, students alone are not to be blamed for such approach. The problem lies with the education system, the examinations and we the parents. Cramming is the only choice for exams.

It is parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on the academic progress of their children. Usually they keep busy throughout the year and it is only when exams are near that parents starts fretting about their child’s potential grades. If we keep a constant watch on how much they have learnt on daily basis, revision at the end of session seems easier.

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Another reason for forcing students to cram is our education system. Teachers need to arrange for weekly tests or at least after a unit is complete. This way the students keep learning and memorizing the content side by side. It also helps in lessening the fear of examination in them. Examinations system in our country is the major culprit for popularizing the habit of cramming.

Students are too focused on the exams and marks that they cannot enjoy learning the way it should be. They study because they need to show good result in final exams. And for this cramming seems to be the sole way of memorizing the whole book.

The habit of cramming can be discouraged by motivating children to get engaged in daily activities conducted within classrooms. Teachers should come forward to bring new ideas of teaching the subject matter. This will not only maximise the effect of teaching but also enhance learning.

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