The ways to be friends with your children

The ways to be friends with your children

Parents who believe in old schools of thought believe that making friends with your children is not healthy. They feel it makes the children more open and they no more feel scared by you and start refusing to comply with your orders. It may seem right to some people yet; the fact is being friends with your kids makes them feel more loved.

Love is equal to security, when you show love for your children or take care of them, they come to know how much they are being loved. This in turn generates confidence in them, makes them feel more protected and safer. Always try to act upon what you say. Children observe the elders closely and when they see you are not keeping your promises or doing what you say, they learn a bad example of breaking promises.

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Try not to focus on the child’s negative trait rather try to turn them around. Encourage them for their good behavior, gradually make them realise the negative traits in their behavior and they will learn how to overcome those traits. Do not impose your decisions on your children. Let them have their say, if they are right accepting their opinion and letting them do what they want will not bring harm to your ego.

If you think their decisions will lead to harmful take them into confidence and tell them about the negative outcomes of their decisions. Parents who are overprotective snub their children in the long run. Deal your children faily, listen to them and learn to respect their choices. They are individuals who have come in this world with a mind and a heart; they got their own likes and dislikes. Try to make life easy for them and for yourself too.

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