Social media is destroying education

Social media is destroying education
Social media is destroying education

Social media have seeped in our lives. Checking our cellular phones for updates and notifications from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is now a part of our daily routines. On one hand we cannot deny its importance in our lives and the role it plays to connect us to the world. On the other hand, it is making our youngsters addicted.

A young individual is spending approximately four to five hours a day on social media. The effects of social media are a lot, including the negative ones too. When someone spends four hours a day on their cellular phone, it is very likely to have negative impact on their overall health. It affects their eye sight badly.

It also causes them muscular pain and fatigue. But the most negative impact it has on young minds is that they start losing interest in their studies. Because the world portrayed on social media is so lovely and fascinating that they forget about the reality. Such people find it hard to come to terms with their daily life realities.

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Moreover, excessive use of social media is leaving bad effect on students’ linguistic competence. Unnecessary use of slang and informal words along with abbreviations becomes a habit with them. News and images of students using slangs and text-language are seen circulating all the time. This is alarming situation.

Now with more entertainment and communication apps coming into market, things are going out of control. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok are so addictive that youngsters are wasting their precious time in making useless videos and posting them online. It is leaving bad effect on our social and moral values too. Everyone seems to be trying to act like a comedian or imitate celebrities. If we do not reduce the usage of social media by our youngsters, we will be regretting about it in no time.

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