Online education becoming a trend amid Corona threat

Online education becoming a trend amid Corona threat
Online education becoming a trend amid Corona threat

As schools are closed down to deal with the impending threat of Corona virus outbreak, more and more colleges and universities are taking to online classes. Students are forced to stay within the four walls of their houses to contain the spread of the life-threatening disease.

In such a situation those who do not have a computer system or an internet connection are suffering. Although imparting education through digital resources is a good attempt to avoid wastage of time, the effort is creating a digital divide among the pupils.

In the light of a recent survey done by American Community Survey, almost 24 percent of houses in American states do not have access to internet. If the situation is challenging for a developed country like US, what could be the scenario in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan.

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However, authorities who are in control of educational institutions are making deliberate efforts on their part to engage students during the outbreak so their precious time does not go to waste. It is time to show solidarity and cooperation.

Even if some of the students cannot access high speed internet during the current situation, they have cellular phones which they can use to their advantage in the hour of need. Those joining online academic sessions must convey whatever they learn to those who cannot attend these classes.

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