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Is it safe to order online food amid Coronavirus outbreak?

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Life is really fast now a days. We are always running short of time and try to save as much time as possible. With more female members of family working, life has become busier and harder. Online food has been a part of our lifestyle recently. It seems easier to order food from the comfort of our homes while being occupied with work or sudden arrival of guests.

Single people living on their own find it very convenient to order food from home because cooking for a single person may take as much effort and time as cooking for five people. With more and more online resources available, such as Food Panda and famous international chains offering free delivery, we are no more bothered about cooking for ourselves and our loved ones all the time.

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Times are really scary. With Coronavirus wreaking havoc in almost every part of the world, nothing is safe anymore. Even ordering food online isn’t safe now. In the wake of recent research people are getting more awareness on how humans get infected with the virus through social interaction.

People are being constantly reminded that they need to wash their hands frequently and avoid human touch as much as possible. In a scary situation like this it would be unwise to rely such food sources. We already know that food chains and restaurants in Pakistan do not take hygiene seriously. They never take essential hygienic measures while preparing food during normal days. How can we be so careless to let them play with our health during a health emergency?


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