How to keep Children Safe amid Coronavirus Outbreak

How to keep Children Safe amid COVID-19 Outbreak
How to keep Children Safe amid COVID-19 Outbreak

We are living in the times where humans are facing constant fear. Even they are scared of direct human interaction. Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is called in scientific terms, is causing destruction all over the world.

After China, Italy is the second country worst hit by this menace. Since the virus has reached Pakistan too, thanks to the reckless behavior of our government and aviation authorities, we are feeling scared for our lives. As it always happens whenever there is an epidemic, the old people, and children are at the highest risk of getting infected with it.

It is fortunate that the virus reached the country when all the educational institutions were done with final examinations and had already been closed. Now as children are staying at homes, it is the responsibility of the elders of the family to ensure their safety. People need to show serious concern regarding the dealing of this situation, social distancing is the need of the hour.

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Yet, there are people who have to go to workplaces. In such a situation, they need to practice hygienic measures such as frequent washing of hands, use of hand sanitisers in the absence of water and wearing masks. Those going out of homes should keep a safe distance with the children when they reach back home.

Children are fragile and have not developed strong immunity against diseases. We should not only educate them about the looming danger but also take necessary steps to keep them safe and healthy.

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