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How to avoid junk food consumption by children

How to avoid junk food consumption by children
How to avoid junk food consumption by children

As times are changing and life is getting faster our dietary habits are also changing. According to health experts our diet has dramatically deteriorated. This change in diet, which is for sure not a good one, is skyrocketing diseases like diabetes and obesity. How to avoid junk food consumption by children.

We all know that junk food and fizzy drinks are the least healthy thing we can offer to our children. All soft drinks and juice packs available in market are full of sugar and additives leading to weakness or obesity among children. Children imitate what they see us doing. Our own dietary habits are example for the children around us.

With the number of working moms increasing everyone is out of time. Mothers want to cook food in less time and thus end up feeding their kids with fast food. Online food ordering has worsened the situation further. What we need to realise is today’s habits are going to last with the kids over a lifetime.

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If we give them healthy options, they will learn to eat healthy. Feeding children with fruit, milk, yogurt and cheese is not a difficult thing to do. We just need to put in a little effort. Once their routine is set, things become easier both for parents and children. Children, like elders, are attracted to junk food. For this purpose, we ourselves need to adopt healthy lifestyle. There is no harm giving children something of their choice but it must be made at home.

It would be good thing to involve kids in cooking something that is easy to make. Children who can handle a knife can be taught to help moms with kitchen work. The old age idea of boys not made for cooking needs to be replaced with the idea of family meal planning where everyone is involved in deciding what to eat and cook it together.

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