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Do we need to fulfill all of children demands?

Do we need to fulfill all of children demands?
Do we need to fulfill all of children demands?

It is human nature that they feel satisfied and loved when their wish comes true or their demand is met. Children are no different. They are rather hungry for love and attention. It is the psychology of a child that he feels loved only if you fulfill his demands. A child wants each of his wish and demand to be fulfilled.

Only then he feels that the parents love him. But it is not a healthy attitude at all. As parents we do want to meet all our children’s demands and desires but we must realise that life is tough and the reality is different from what a child thinks it is like. We need to feel this responsibility of making our children realise that not everything they want will be there for them.

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The worst effect of fulfilling a child’s demands is that it becomes a habit with him. Such children become adamant and refuse to listen to anyone. Curbing a child’s desires at times is good for them and the parents as well. However, as older members of family we should remember that yelling at children or snubbing them for their wishes is not a good idea either.

Instead we must respond to them positively by listening to them and identifying their need. We need to teach them to fulfill their needs on their own for example if a child says he is hungry tell them to go to fridge and get the food. It will make them independent. Sometimes children start crying or shouting when they need a thing. As a parent you need to tell them how to express that need while not forgetting the manners.

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