Do students become careless about studies as they join college?

Do students become careless about studies as they join college?
Do students become careless about studies as they join college?

Childhood is the age of being care free and enjoying life at its fullest. When a child’s formal education starts, parents start taking it seriously as they know the early academic years lay the foundation of future education of a child. Students are under constant stress due to studies and grades.

Parents equally feel the pressure because education at schools is always result-oriented. However, it is commonly observed that children start taking education lightly as they reach colleges. One reason for this might be the general presumption by college students that studies are easier at college level.

Another one might be the fact that the constant pressure of doing homework and cramming the lessons is no more exists in college. Therefore, the students start taking things lightly. However, there is only small number of such learners and this cannot be true of all the students. There are those who know that only hard work will lead them to future success.

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Such students keep working hard to excel in studies. They know they will need to go through certain academic as well as departmental exams to get admission in the filed of their choice. There are tests like GAT, GRE, MCAT and a lot of others that require a student to be well-prepared to enter their desired field and for that they must go through these tests.

Such tests not only assess students’ ability but also evaluate their aptitude for the discipline they want to enter. A student striving to be a doctor must sit in an entry test to get admission in a medical college. National Testing Service is a government run organization that arranges for such tests nationwide and try to facilitate students while they are in examination hall. A plus point of such exams is that students are no more afraid of examination and test.

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