Why children live in a fantasy world?

Why children live in a fantasy world?
Why children live in a fantasy world?

Children often live in a world of fantasy and unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy. It is a world where they see fish flying, horses talking and the wishes coming true. Apparently, it is a harmless presumption rather some adults want to live in such a world which is far from the harsh realities of everyday life.

However, some traumatic events involving children in recent decades have forced us to bring focus our attention on a child’s ability to create a fantasy world and his inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Children’s inability to make reality-fantasy distinction has its potential negative impacts on their mental health in the long run.

On the other side, some experts assert that imagination is a great way to teach children to create a new world in their minds and thus see the difference between that imaginary world and their own. It can be used as a tool to help them think how they can create a better real world. Some children even are able to face their personal fears in the world of fantasy and thus become braver by imagining to overcoming them.

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Fantasy is not only a childish way to escape from reality, it is a means to imagine another world that we need in order to change this world. Therefore, we may say that all change starts with fantasy. Another reason behind the children living in fantasy is their loneliness. When children feel lonely, they create a world of their won that helps them survive that loneliness.

Yet, fantasizing can be deceitful and may lead to greed of wealth. By giving them attention and making our time with them meaningful we can help them find the difference between fantasy and a real world.

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