How can we keep an eye on children’s online activities?

How can we keep an eye on children’s online activities?
How can we keep an eye on children’s online activities?

Parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to taking care of children. They not only have to provide for their health, food and education but also are held responsible for building their children’s character and grooming their personalities. Informal education starts at home. The best place to learn for a child is the mother’s lap. keep an eye on children’s online activities.

Since children spend a lot of time with their mothers before they start going to school, mothers are believed to be the cradle of basic learning and nurturing. The technology brings more responsibility for the parents. Now parents not only have to be conscious of what kind of company their children keep at school but also keep an eye on their online activity.

In this age and time, it is almost impossible to find a household without a cellular phone, tablet, computer or iPad. Children are addicted to screen time, almost as much as the adults are. Online learning is no doubt a plus point of the internet yet, it also poses some threats to children’s innocence as they can get exposed to the things they do not understand.

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However, it is better to take some measures before we hand down our gadgets to our children. Parents need to be aware of what websites their children are visiting. For this purpose, parents can restrict the content that children can watch online. Checking children’s browsing history continually can help them achieve this goal.

Allowing for only those websites that are meant for educational purposes or recreational sites meant only for children can help solve the problem. Supervising children while helping them find out the required subject matter is a great way to keep check on your child’s online activity.

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