Education has become a business in Pakistan

Education has become a business in Pakistan
Education has become a business in Pakistan

With private schools popping up like mushrooms the school business is seen an easy way to generate revenue. People now are well aware that establishing a school brings greater opportunities for people who look for earning money at great speed. Parents with the belief that sending a child ensures his bright future are easily pulled into such trap. Education has become a business in Pakistan.

However, as private schools became popular among masses their focus shifted from providing quality education to making as much money as possible. Schools that gain good repute over time, think it is their right to increase their fee. But the fact remains that these schools fail to facilitate their staff and students as is expected from them with high margins of profit with increased fee on yearly basis.

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The owners of the schools with decent repute keep minting money while jeopardizing students’ fate. The rapid growth of private schools has attributed to the failure of the state in provision of quality education. It is ironic that now public is asking the government to regulate private schools after decades of their establishment.

But it is too late for the government to take control of these schools. The state is facing a dilemma in regulating private institutions to achieve constitutional goal of universal education as it has to stop the schools from exploiting parents as well. Currently, educational institutions are 303,446 in number,with 191,065 public and 112,381 private institutes. Out of total enrolment of 47.5 million, 27.7 million is at public schools while 19.8 million for private. There is a fear about increased involvement of private sector in education leading towards priority of profit over learning.

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