Does Pakistani constitution say anything about children’s rights?

Does Pakistani constitution say anything about children’s rights?
Does Pakistani constitution say anything about children’s rights?

Children are the future of any country. If we have a responsibility to teach them about their duties, we also need to tell them about their rights. Human rights organizations across the world have taken up the issue of child rights in order to ensure children’s safety and stop increasing cases of child abuse. Pakistani constitution say anything about children’s rights.

In its Article 25(1), the Constitution of Pakistan declares all citizens as equal in the eye of law. The Constitution also states that each citizen is entitled to equal protection by law of the country. In Article 37(a), of the Constitution announces no child will be subjected to tormentandany other cruel treatment.

The Constitution further states that inhuman treatment of a child or degrading behavior towards them or punishment is strictly forbidden by the law. However, the laws in Pakistan do not provide sufficient protection of children against torture and any other kind of ill-treatment. This flaw in the is among the main reasons of a large number of cases of torture that are reported across Pakistan.

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Children in Pakistan are the common victims of the violations of law. Article 25(A) of the Constitutions dealing with the right of a child to education,while the Article 11(3)forbids the employment of the children.Section 82 of Pakistan Penal Code grants comprehensive immunity to children below a certain age. Since its independence back in the year 1947, many social indicators provide a measure of the development attained by Islamic Republic of Pakistan in terms of protection of Children’s Rights.

With the infant mortality rate decreasing and illiteracy rate declining, public access to education, basic health services and life expectancy has improved a lot. Despite everything going on, full realization of a child’s rights still calls for enormous time and effort.

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