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How to stop child abuse

How to stop child abuse
How to stop child abuse

Child abuse is becoming an epidemic in recent times. It may be in the form of domestic violence r sexual abuse of the children. The problem is large because only in America almost five million children face domestic violence every year. The experience I detrimental to a child’s mental and emotional health in later years.

Experts say even witnessing another child with bruises, bleeding or torn clothes is harmful for the child’s wellbeing. Detecting and overcoming child abuse is in fact a problem. If we want to help stop child abuse, we must be able to recognize signs of abuse in the first place. Domestic violence may not always be in physical form as it includes verbal and emotional abuse too.

The issue worsens because children never speak about it to anyone and keep suffering in silence. Children imitate whatever they see us doing and if any of the parents is abusive or violent, they learn it and later on practice it. They not only learn to abuse other children like hitting the siblings and friends but also treat their partners in abusive way when they grow up.

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Violence against young ones can be reduced by equipping families with strategies and skills to care for children. We can also stop this menace by raising awareness among children and educating them about their privacy and security. Communities need to work in organized way to prevent child abuse from reoccurring.

Organizations, schools and community leaders along withstate legislatures should come together to fight child abuse. As individuals we can contact faith-based organizations and organize meetings to ensure law enforcement. We must become a strong advocate of change to stop domestic abuse as well as sexual abuse of the children.


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