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Pakistan facing major Coronavirus challenge

Pakistan facing major Coronavirus challenge
Pakistan facing major Coronavirus challenge

After creating havoc in more than 150 countries Coronavirus has reached Pakistan. Till now 29 cases have been reported in different provinces of Pakistan. Out of these 29, 13 were reported in Sindh, two in Islamabad and the rest in Baluchistan. The first case of Coronavirus in Punjab was reported on 15th March in Lahore.

The presumption is that the virus is being transported by the people who have recent travel history from Iran, Iraq, America and some European countries. Along with the steps taken by the federal government, provincial authorities are also taking up the challenge seriously. They have set up screening tests at all the airports of the countries along with quarantine at borders.

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Media is educating the masses by spreading awareness and providing information on the precautionary measures to avoid the wide spread or outbreak of the virus. People are constantly being told to wash their hands frequently, limit social contact and take safety measures. As a necessary step, the government has closed all the educational institutes till 5th April. It has banned all the religious, social and political gatherings.

Marriage halls have been shut down to limit social interaction at large scale. Separate beds for the sufferers at hospitals have been arranged. Corona testing laboratories have been established at major hospitals. People are being educated to practice self-isolation. Currently the situation in the country seems under control. However, the fact remains that only 1,000 people have been tested until now. This generates a fear that this might be the calm before the storm and a major outbreak might be at the fringe.

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