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Why plastic bags should be banned altogether?

Why plastic bags should be banned altogether?
Why plastic bags should be banned altogether?

The latest debate revolves round whether bags made of plastic bags should be banned altogether or we should find other ways to tackle this problem. Plastic has caused havoc to our planet, nobody can deny this. But it is not plastic but our irresponsible and careless use of excessive plastic that is responsible for bringing our climate on the verge of destruction.

Plastic is a major source of causing pollution because it is not biodegradable. If we burn plastic bags, it produces harmful smoke. Bags made with plastic also emit radiation and can be choking hazard for people or animals. Use of plastic bottles for carrying water are toxic and reusing them can be more harmful to human health.

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One wonders to see that producing 9 plastic bags costs us as much energy as is needed to drive a car for 0.5 miles. Moreover, unnecessary use of plastic has caused us environmental damage. They do not degrade and thus, break down in small pieces and end up in water bodies by sweeping along water. Plastic found in oceans and seas is fatal for marine life. It is equally harmful for human health. Discouraging the use of plastic is currently among the harshest realities of human life.

Some people have the view to find alternate ways to replace plastic usage. They also suggest that plastic bags should not be banned at markets rather governments should place a tax on their usage to avoid the wide spread use of them. This seems to be a plausible suggestion. But the thing is we have come at a point where banning plastic completely seems to be the sole solution.

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