7-year-old wins Gold Medal in Kangroo Competition

7-year-old wins Gold Medal in Kangroo Competition
7-year-old wins Gold Medal in Kangroo Competition

Umaima Rizwan, a seven-year-old student of The Lynx School, has won a gold medal in Kangroo Competition and took first position in the country from 10462 students who appeared in IKLC 2019 exam.

The Lynx School promising English linguistic masters outperformed in the International Kangaroo Linguistic Competition by clinching 91 Gold medals and numerous Bronze medals.

Young Lynxians appeared in the IKLC Exam held in November 2019 along with all the children of their age group across the world. The Lynx School had been top scorer school in the IKLC since it was first participated by the school in year 2017. The Lynx School is maintaining its partnership with the prestigious organization Kangourou Sans Frontieres – Pakistan by ensuring 100 per cent yearly participation in its International Contest titled: IKLC International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest.

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The Lynx has a record of winning gold, silver and bronze medals along with top country positions.They had beaten their former record this year again.This year nearly 135 students from The Lynx School Junior and Elementary branch participated in the IKLC examination. All students scored 90+% pass percentage and almost bagged top positions amongst numerous candidates in Pakistan.

The founder and chairperson of The Lynx School, Mrs. Misbah Khurshid, overwhelmed with her students’ outstanding achievement said “Lynx lays emphasis on concept based education and English is the most essential subject in our curriculum. To ensure competitiveness we encourage our students to compete in all International competitions. These brilliant students thus earn placements in the world top ranking universities on full scholarships”.

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