The committee was appointed to oversee Football affairs in three provinces

The committee was appointed to oversee Football affairs in three provinces
The committee was appointed to oversee Football affairs in three provinces

The FIFA Normalization Committee for the Pakistan Football Association (PFF), which was appointed by FIFA on Monday announced three provincial normalization committees, whose composition raised many eyebrows.

According to various sources, CC FIU remains biased. They said that the composition of the committees announced for Sindh, Baluchistan and Hiber Pakhtunkhwa showed a tendency that would provoke an intense response from stakeholders in these provinces.

It’s strange that the former KP soccer association secretary, Basit Kamal, was appointed KP NK. Azmatula, Ijaz Khan, Mohammed Said and Mohammad Imran are other members of the FA FA Committee.

Former FA KP President Syed Zahir Shah heads the group and is likely to become a PFF presidential candidate in elections held by the PFF NCP according to FIFA’s instructions. This is the main reason why the appointment of Basit caused a counterattack.

“I was appointed as a KP secretary by PFF in 2012. And when Zahir Shah’s relationship with former PFS head Faisal Saleh Hayat caught fire, I continued to send the KP team to various events,” Basit said in the news Monday.

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“I will continue to play a neutral role as a member of KP NC,” said Basit, a former NBP soccer player. The National Sindh NC Football Association consists of Khwaja Obaid Ilyas, Khurram K. Jamali, Qasim Jamal, Danish Mohammad and Najaf Iqbal Hussain.

An employee of the Sindh Football Association (SFA) who left said the news on an anonymous condition that he only knew Denmark, who was a close friend of the district’s FA protector, Nasir Karim.

Nasir, an ExCo member at PFF led by Ashfak, told The News that the Dane was associated with his association as a marketing representative almost a year ago. When asked whether Denmark is his friend, Nasir replied: “Everyone is our friend.”

Meanwhile, Abdul Manan, Sardar Mohammed, Adil Kausar, Ali Ahmed and Sohail Ahmed have been announced as members of FC Belokistan National. Former President of the Punjab Football Association (PFA), Naved Haider, commented on the composition of the provincial committee as follows: “This completely violates FIFA rules. Such a composition will cause many problems in the province,” Naved said.

The NCP PFF states that with the establishment of provincial NCs, all previous associations were dissolved. “FIFA has established the NCF PFF since 17 September 2019. To date, all football associations in provinces, regions and districts no longer exist. However, several provincial associations continue to work and in some cases make decisions that violate PFC-NC guidelines are violated ( “will be initiated separately for disciplinary action) to confirm that all provincial, regional and regional associations have been dissolved,” said PFF NC.

“As of the date of this policy, all matters relating to football and elections in each province and region are governed by regional NCs,” he added.

“Other provincial / regional association members will be notified in a timely manner, but once again confirmed that all previous provincial and regional associations have been dissolved,” said PFF NC.

“Dismissed chairmen and secretaries must submit all records, including club details, bank accounts, bank statements, check books, targeted project notes, and all relevant records, to the responsible NC in the province / region no later than 19 February 2020). ” PFF NC said.

“The provincial / regional secretary, who should also no longer exist, will certainly not function anymore, and provincial / regional NCs can appoint a secretary for their policies,” the statement said.

PFF NC also appointed Maniseh Seili as Secretary General with direct effect. “Ms. Zainli has 15 years of experience in top management,” said a press release from PFF NC. It was added that Harris Jamil Alam would continue to serve as deputy secretary general. Reuters¬†


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