12 indicators of developed emotional intelligence

12 indicators of developed emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important characteristic of most successful people because it helps build interpersonal and social relationships. The study found that successful people have a high level of emotional intelligence. While some may not know about these metrics, which can prove how emotionally intelligent / developed we are, it is important to know that these are the elements that can determine how successful you can be.

  1. You know how to give / give without expecting anything in return

Emotionally developed people are able to communicate and connect with others because they can offer some of their time, energy or resources without waiting for a return. Such actions make a strong impression on others and help build strong relationships.

  1. You do not hold the image

The urge to take revenge on someone who has offended you or treated you unfairly can be powerful enough to negatively affect your health and emotions. Emotionally developed people are aware of this fact and they understand that holding a grudge is not beneficial when the other person is not directly threatened.

  1. You are grateful for what you have

Feeling grateful, you improve your mood and more positively perceive new goals and objectives. Showing such gratitude for what you have helps to be more useful to your surroundings.

  1. You do not take yourself or others too seriously

You perceive your limitations, and you furthermore might perceive the restrictions of others. You™re not a compulsive, and you are doing not expect others to be.. Instead of blaming others or speaking badly in response to their mistakes, you get down to business and try to solve the problems you face.

  1. You know how to "disconnect"

You know how to create a balance between work and life. You realize that to increase productivity and achieve more goals, you need to take breaks and avoid stress that affects your mental and emotional health.

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  1. You are curious

You are always looking for answers and new knowledge. You believe that you do not know and know enough, and that everything around can be improved and perfected. This encourages others to admire your positive energy, because with you they see more new opportunities than "impossibilities".

  1. You are able to adapt

You do not declare yourself a victim of change, instead you always adapt to change and meet it. You realize that only change is permanent, and you just need to be part of that "wheel" that keeps moving.

  1. You care about your physical and mental well-being

You value your body as a vehicle that leads you to success. So, you can take care to get enough rest, eat right and maintain a healthy relationship.

  1. You avoid toxic people

You understand that a lot of effort is needed to solve problems or situations caused by toxic people. You know that reacting rationally to what they say can be frustrating. Therefore, you improve your skill not to allow them to manipulate you.

  1. You are self-aware

You know your strengths and weaknesses. You know which environments or situations can improve your success and which can't. Having such knowledge helps you to make the most of what will contribute to your success.

  1. You are either committed or not

Emotionally intelligent people do not take a wait-and-see attitude. You either care about something or you don't. Hesitating and taking a neutral position (or creating such an impression), you can not take on significant important tasks. This leads to a lot of tension and stress and does not help you to direct your energy properly.

  1. You can put off fun

You are disciplined enough to say no to things that are not really your priorities. You put off pleasure and avoid reckless and impulsive actions. It keeps you in order and makes you more focused.