10 tips for those who enter the university

10 tips for those who enter the university
10 tips for those who enter the university

Informal.pk  gives 10 simple tips on how to get a cherished student ticket, avoiding unnecessary worries, significant financial and time losses. enter the university.

  1. Try to enter several universities at once

The entrant has the right to enter several universities at the same time. Accordingly, the more attempts - the more chances. All universities and academies (both public and commercial) must accept certified copies of secondary education documents. You can certify them with any notary. The main thing with a multi-entry - to calculate the time and effort so as to have time for all exams.

  1. Do not rush to enter the paid department

Universities must accept documents and conduct exams (including for entrants on a commercial basis) absolutely free of charge. Various fees for so-called "office expenses" are usually treated as voluntary, universities do not have the right to make them mandatory.

In non-state universities, the fee for exams must be specified in the contract concluded between the entrant and the educational institution.

  1. Beware of scammers

Informal.pk advises to be extremely skeptical about the proposals of strangers to pay a round sum to "their" person in the admissions office to ensure 100% admission. You are too likely to be deceived. Fraudsters are usually covered up by alleged connections in the management of the university, but know: such people do not offer their services on the street! It is much cheaper and safer (if you have the funds, of course) to immediately enter the paid department of the university. And the money will not be lost, and the state diploma will be secured by a formal contract.

  1. Appeal, but in moderation

If the teachers gave an undeservedly low grade on the exam or failed altogether - file an appeal. This is done immediately after the oral exam or on the day of the announcement of the results of the written work. It is necessary to write a statement addressed to the executive secretary of the admissions committee and prove that the examiners were, to put it mildly, wrong. The application will be considered by a special appeal commission on the same day. Her decisions will be announced in your presence. But not the fact that the score will be increased after that. Experience shows that the commission is extremely reluctant to review the results of the exam. Which is understandable: teachers defend the honor of their uniform. But with persistence and argumentation of requirements it is possible to achieve the.

The reason for filing an appeal may be:

  • A situation when only one teacher listened to your answer at the oral exam (the other one was asking another entrant at that time or was absent from the classroom at all);
  • Only one person checked their written work (at least two must check);
  • Appeal if the teacher put moral pressure on you, was rude, intolerant, did not listen to the answer to the end;
  • If you were required to have knowledge beyond the school curriculum or were asked to take only paid university preparatory courses.

All this is considered a violation of the rules of entrance examinations and may be a reason to review the results. Remember: they have no right to ask additional questions on appeal!

  1. Stock up on help

The list of necessary certificates can be found in the description of each of the universities on Education.ua. But always specify in the admissions committee what other documents will be required for admission to a particular university.

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If you were unable to take the exam due to illness, accident, as well as if you suddenly felt bad during it - require re-assembly at another time. You are obliged to meet and set a date for retaking the exam. Do not forget to just submit to the admissions committee a certificate certified by the seal of the medical institution.

  1. Do not forget about benefits

Privileged students enter universities out of competition: it is enough for them to get positive grades in exams. Winners of Olympiads have special rights. Winners - "internationals" enter without exams at all, all other winners - at the discretion of the university itself. Medal students, as well as graduates of vocational schools, colleges and technical schools with a diploma with honors, to enroll in the first year is enough to pass one "five" one, a profile exam (in each university it is its own).

  1. Prestige has not become the main thing

Competitions in universities are growing every year. In some universities, 12-15 people apply for one student place! Assess your chances realistically and think: maybe you should go to the same specialty, only in a less prestigious educational institution? It is better to be a student of a "middle" university than to fight against the wall of a "cool" university for several years in a row, losing time and money. And remember the first piece of advice - try to enter several universities at once.

  1. Be more modest

Do not dress defiantly for the exam, do not show bright clothes, long legs and bare navel. Teachers are annoyed by this. It is better to come dressed modestly, but with taste. Don't show that you know more examiners! They don't like it. Look the teacher in the eye, answer clearly, confidently, not without impudence. If you feel that they are openly "rolling", try to hold yourself in your hands. Write down all the questions and your answers. Not a scandal at the exam, it is better to file an appeal immediately after it and set out your claims in it.

  1. Stick to the "golden mean"

Try to get to the audience not the first and not the last. The former are usually asked more severely, the latter get worse grades. The main principle of conduct on the exam - do not stand out.

  1. Forget about phone and cheat sheets

It is allowed to take a bottle, chocolate, calculator, with you to the audience. But you cannot use additional literature (especially cheat sheets). It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones. It is not allowed to talk on the exam. For all these violations, you may well be asked by the audience and put "two".

We are sure that these simple rules from Infrmal.pk will help you successfully pass the admission stage and become a student of the chosen university in the desired specialty.

We wish you success!