10 tips for freshmen

10 tips for freshmen
10 tips for freshmen

It is always difficult for a freshman, so experienced students shared some survival experiences. tips for freshmen.

  1. Conduct reconnaissance. In the first days, find out the maximum information about the location of classrooms, departments, library, dean's office, etc. This will help you navigate quickly and be less nervous.
  2. Find out the schedule. On the first day, and even better the day before, it is your responsibility to find out the schedule. According to experienced students, a schedule is a student's Prayer. And then it will be even more useful to study it in the shortest possible time: You will know this - and classmates will reach out to you.
  3. Gather information about teachers. After reading the schedule, you should learn something about teachers. This is extremely important: to know at least the name and subject taught by a particular teacher. This is a vital minimum. And it is even better to know as much as possible about teachers (habits, hobbies, peculiarities of work and attitude to students). And there will be something to tease with classmates, and the teacher's personality will become more interesting, and most importantly - will help to find an approach to the teacher.
  4. Make useful acquaintances. People are a resource. Teachers will give you knowledge. And who will share the experience of student life? Therefore it is necessary to use the environment as much as possible: make friends with senior students. They have already felt a lot and will be happy to share information about student life hacks.
  5. Learn to learn. If you haven't done so yet. The purpose of the university is to teach you to work with information as well as possible. The institute will not give you baggage with limited knowledge, it will show you that there is no limit to knowledge, and that most of it you get yourself. Teachers are only arbitrators, moderators; they guide you in the right direction.
  6. Set priorities. In any university there are profile subjects, and there are subjects for the general development. Since you came to university, so you want to get a certain specialty. Therefore, determine for yourself the importance of each subject and accordingly distribute your attention to them.
  7. Became a question. The student's goal is to know the world. So if you do not know something - ask. Forget about embarrassment, shyness, etc. It's not a shame not to know, it's a shame not to study.
  8. Learn all the pros of a student ticket. Your student card is a truly magical document. These are discounts on long-distance and public transport, "Student Days" in cafes, cinemas and entertainment centers, etc. And if you do not have enough benefits of the student card issued to you by the dean's office - google about the benefits of ISIC (International Student Identity Card), it is many times more opportunities.
  9. Enjoy being a student. Travel, walk, meet new people, have fun and learn - and this time, while you are a student, will be the golden age of your life.
  10. Be active. Or become like that. Always and everywhere. Not blood flows in your veins, youth flows in them. Therefore, be active in lectures, seminars. Participate in student life: all the events that take place in the university deserve attention.

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