10 things you should do to improve your health (in general)

10 things you should do to improve your health (in general)
10 things you should do to improve your health (in general)

It is time to transform your habits both physically and emotionally to take care of your health in every way. This is the plan. things you should do to improve your health.

It is clear that the pandemic made us reflect on our existence, and of course, on our health, a fundamental pillar without which we could not do anything in life. Therefore, it is important to transform our habits and take care of our health at all levels, both physical and emotional.

Here are some tips and we tell you what you can do and / or modify in your life so that your general health improves, you will realize that little by little you will feel better and that every effort has been worth it. By the way, take into account that your emotions affect your health more than you imagine, so stay away from negative attitudes and feelings!

  1. Watch what you eat

Obesity and being overweight have always been a problem, but now they have become relevant, since it is a determining factor in the recovery from COVID-19, so if you have never paid attention to your diet it is important that you do an evaluation of your diet opts for much healthier options to improve and maintain your health.

  1. Exercise

It is essential not only to maintain your physical health in optimal conditions, it is also essential (especially with confinement) to avoid sedentary lifestyle and mental illness. Staying active is proven to release endorphins, hormones that bring you pleasure and happiness. So it is important that you stay active regardless of discipline, you will win where you see it.

  1. Say yes to checkups

Getting a general annual health checkup is basic, and now it is more so, so do not hesitate, and go to perform those analyzes that you have articalponed for months, it is always vital to be on the watch, but now we have one more reason to confirm that everything It is in order.

  1. Take care of your mind

From meditation to yoga, choose those activities that relax you and release you from tension, now with the confinement and uncertainty, you probably feel much more anxious, stressed or sad, so watch your thoughts with activities that make you feel comforted and calm.

  1. Sleep well

The pandemic triggered sleep disorders in many people, which has affected many aspects of their lives, from work productivity to mood, so try to sleep at least eight hours a day and take a nap. It is really essential to rest well to feel good and have good health, we know that the situation is not easy, but believe us that nothing will improve if you do not sleep.

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  1. Forget alcohol

Many people have turned to alcoholic beverages to avoid the days of the pandemic, but the reality is that it is an activity that can become an addiction, in addition to the fact that alcohol causes great damage to health, from being overweight to heart problems. Measure yourself and improve your health!

  1. Take care of your relationships

Although for the moment we must maintain a healthy distance to avoid contagion, you can talk, make video calls or chat with your loved ones. We assure you that you will feel better after a chat with your bf or your grandmother.

  1. Go to therapy

If you think that you are not achieving it and no matter how hard you try you cannot motivate yourself, do not hesitate to ask for help, either from a friend or a specialist. Today, the most important thing is to take care of your mental health, so if you need it, go to therapy without hesitation.

  1. Hydrate

The recommendation is to drink eight glasses of water a day, although if your body asks for more, give it what it needs.

We suggest you choose natural water, since sugary or carbonated drinks not only will not quench your thirst, they will add calories to your diet and as we know, due to sugar they can cause cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Pamper yourself

We know that stress is full, but you lose nothing and on the contrary, you will gain a lot if you spend a few minutes being with yourself, whether it is reading your favorite book, having a long bath or simply doing nothing, it is time to give it to the body a little peace and serenity to take care of our mental and physical health.