10 professional skills of a modern English teacher

10 professional skills of a modern English teacher
10 professional skills of a modern English teacher

Let's talk about developing important teacher skills. What is more important for a teacher - talent or professionalism? And both. The modern educator must masterfully combine abilities with the ability to methodically "invest" in children all that he can. He not only teaches children, but also learns throughout life. What important skills should an English teacher have? Let's talk about it. 10 professional skills of a modern English teacher.

  1. Emotional intelligence

The teacher knows firsthand what a strong emotional stress is. After all, he is responsible for the lives and health of children, as well as for how well students learn the material. And even experienced teachers are worried before the lesson (and if it is open?). And, of course, resolving conflict situations in the classroom requires considerable resources. So to succeed, you should learn to understand the emotions of others, as well as take care of your own psychological health.

  1. Adaptability

The teacher must be flexible and open to new ideas and knowledge. This is what will contribute to the improvement of pedagogical skills. Study the latest theories of teaching and use them in your practice. Subscribe to domestic and foreign blogs, websites, forums. This will allow you to find innovations that will motivate students to learn English.

  1. Communicativeness

90% of a teacher's working time is devoted to communication with other people. Therefore, the ability to communicate with students, their parents, administration and colleagues is extremely important. How to improve communication? You should present your thoughts simply, clearly and clearly. This is especially important in a lesson where you need to put information on the shelves, build logical chains, find the relationship and explain the material as easily as possible. Agree, in learning English it is very important!

  1. Creativity

English is thousands of words and hundreds of grammatical constructions. Students need a lot of effort and time to master this array of information. How to facilitate this task? Be creative, experiment and use unexpected tricks that will surprise children.

Also be prepared for the unknown and interesting. You can expect work with new students, unplanned lessons, 10 minutes that suddenly remain at the end of the lesson, and more! A creative teacher can find a way out of any situation and create an effective learning environment.

  1. Ability to work in a team

The teacher should always play in a team with his students, be on the side of students. This will not only have a positive effect on success, but will also help build a healthy atmosphere. Even when students do not understand the material at all - do not be nervous. Remember how you studied, forgave yourself grammatical errors in tests, forgetfulness in dialogues, lack of associative memory and much more. But mark these moments and be sure to work on them with your children in the future.

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  1. Non-stop training

English is not a monumental construction. It is alive, constantly changing, and therefore, the teacher should constantly learn and improve their own language skills. Read original literature, listen to the news and watch movies in English.

  1. Leadership

Students want to see a professional, passionate about their work, interested in working with them. A teacher is a mentor who not only teaches, but helps students choose the right direction of development sets an example and encourages.

And the English teacher has an excellent memory, developed with the help of mnemonics and interval repetition. It also enhances his credibility.

  1. Innovation

It is difficult and not always necessary to keep track of absolutely all technological innovations. But completely ignoring them is unacceptable! From the flow of innovation, it is important to learn to identify those digital tools that will benefit students. Discuss them with the children, take an interest in their opinions. Teachers who create great learning materials with students are very popular!

  1. Ability to inspire

Get inspired and get inspired! This is exactly what students need. Of course, you can learn everything yourself. But only a true mentor can teach students to be open to new ideas and truly love the learning process. Help students solve their problems in learning, guide them, give knowledge that will be useful not only in learning English, but also in life.

  1. Ability to "disconnect" from work

Give yourself and your students a break. Learn to arrange a full weekend - without calls from work, homework checks and thoughts on plans for the next work week.

The modern teacher is not afraid of change and never stops. He teaches and is constantly learning. Want to learn more about improving your professional skills, get interesting tips and life hacks for inspired work with students?