10 educations for you who are interested in technology

10 educations for you who are interested in technology
10 educations for you who are interested in technology

Tips on technology training, Are you a technology nerd or maybe a beginner in technology? We have listed 10 different educations for you who are interested in technology. Both longer and shorter education and technology linked to other subjects. Hope you find inspiration for studying technology. 10 educations for you who are interested in technology.

  1. Mechanical Engineering, Specialization in product development

Mechanical engineering is an exciting subject full of possibilities. What would the world have been like if trains, cars and planes had not existed? Not to mention all the inventions such as cell phones or medical equipment that exist and save lives. You who choose to study mechanical engineering will be able to influence the new products of the future!

  1. The program for real estate technicians - The Real Estate Academy

As a property, energy and operations technician, you are a specialist with responsibility for the care, operation and maintenance of properties' various technical systems, especially heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The training includes three LIA periods of 5 weeks each. During your LIA periods, you will have the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. This is where you also have the opportunity to acquire a valuable network of contacts and usually meet your future employer in the real estate industry or in companies operating in the plumbing industry or equivalent.

  1. Construction technology with a focus on administrative issues - Institute of Technology

The course gives participants a broad knowledge of construction technology with a focus on management issues. We address basic connections for a good indoor environment with a focus on the interaction between building and installations, such as noise, moisture safety, thermal comfort, light, etc.

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  1. Science & Technology - Public education

Science and technology are exciting, fun and invite to playful exploration with the children. The goals regarding science and technology have been clarified with the revision of the curriculum for preschool and during this lecture we will together work on the areas within science and technology that are dealt with in preschool. Implementing and evaluating teaching that stimulates and challenges children's development and learning.

  1. Production Technology

You will learn to understand and use a number of production technical methods and economic connections that are useful in evaluating different production technical solutions and work with production development.

  1. Composite Technician

The automotive and aerospace industries demand people with expertise in composites, as well as companies that manufacture sporting goods in the sustainable lightweight material. Fill the knowledge gap in exciting industries and train yourself as a composite technician!

  1. Operations technician biogas and water treatment

Do you want a technical profession? Are you interested in environmental issues and want to contribute to sustainable societal development? Then this is the training for you. More and more biogas plants are being built in Sweden, which increases the need for competent operating technicians in the area. The need is already great, so with this education you have good job opportunities immediately after graduation!

  1. Interactive media and web technologies

Our digital future requires interesting products and services that take advantage of the possibilities of new technology. Here you will learn to understand and create them!

  1. Mechanical Engineering

After completing the master's program in mechanical engineering, you are well prepared to work with various issues in the field of mechanical engineering. The program focuses on product development and structural dynamics, which are two research areas within Linnaeus University.

  1. Supplementary program in Mechanical Engineering towards a Master of Engineering degree, specialization Materials Engineering

As a civil engineer in mechanical engineering with a focus on materials technology, you gain knowledge that gives you responsibility for the material aspects of the design process seen as a whole, in collaboration with other competencies in this field of mechanical engineering. Advanced material analyzes and broad knowledge enable strategic choices of the right material for a specific application based on both properties and environmental impact as well as design possibilities and price.