11 days exercise and wellness challenge

11 days exercise and wellness challenge

You know long days of classes, conferences, corrections and lesson preparation all too well. In the packed school day, worrying about yourself and moving around are often neglected. That is why we challenge you: two weeks in which you consciously do something for yourself every day. 11 days exercise and wellness challenge.

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For you as a teacher in particular: self-care is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Fortunately, you don't have to mutate into a fitness freak or check in regularly at the five-star spa. Even the little things have a big effect - and ensure that you master stressful school phases fit, healthy and full of energy.

We have put together for you 11 beautiful ideas with which you can easily integrate more exercise and self-care into your everyday life. It makes sense to leave the exact order up to you and your schedule. The best thing to do is to take a look at your calendar straight away and make a quick note of what you will be doing on which day. You will have a fixed 11-day plan in no time at all - and you will experience for yourself how good the small wellness islands are doing!

  1. Take a stroll through a new neighborhood.

If you only walk around the block once, you may find it difficult to stop your (work) thoughts. A walk through a quarter of your city that you hardly know or not at all will get you out of the well-known rut more easily. Breathe in and out deeply, concentrate on what you see, hear and smell and let yourself be surprised by what there is to discover.

  1. Cycle to work.

If you live too far away, you can alternatively simply park a little further away than usual and walk the last bit. Train passengers simply get off one stop earlier. In this way, you have easily integrated the first exercise unit into the day.

  1. Take a few minutes for a short meditation.

You don't have to compete with professional yogis or Buddhist monks. Get rid of the pressure of meditating well too. Sit comfortably and upright, close your eyes, place your hands on your stomach and feel it rise and fall as you breathe. Inhale and exhale deeply for a few minutes, trying to let all thoughts go. But even if you can't completely switch off your head, it is worth taking a short break to recharge your batteries and regenerate.

  1. Go swimming again.

Whether early in the morning when you don't have to be to school until later, or comfortably on the weekend: treat yourself to a little trip to the swimming pool and swim a few laps.

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  1. Buy good ingredients and cook consciously.

Regardless of whether it is homemade spaghetti Bolognese or a real gourmet dinner: cook something delicious and prepare the food carefully. Concentrate completely on how the vegetables feel in your hand, smell the scent of the herbs and the different aromas and try to taste the fine nuances later while eating.

  1. Treat yourself to a 15-minute massage.

If you have a free hour or a longer lunch break, drive to the nearest massage parlor. Many of them offer short massages in which the back and neck in particular are properly kneaded. You will see: afterwards you will feel like a new person.

  1. Go jogging or walking.

It's not for nothing that running has so many fans - why not try it out for yourself. You can take a walk around the park early in the morning while the others are still sleeping. Or you can go running after the school day to get rid of everything that has been pent up.

  1. Challenge yourself to an "exercise day".

On this school day, run as much as you can: Park your car in the last corner of the parking lot. Deliberately leave the worksheets for the 5th lesson in the car so that you have to go down a little again later. Get the chalk yourself and open the window at the very back of the class so that you actually get the maximum number of steps that day.

  1. Go to bed early.

Make a conscious decision to turn off the lights early and get 8 hours of sleep. A good night with enough (deep) sleep is crucial for your health, especially in busy weeks.

  1. Take a comfortable bath.

Whether bath oil or bath salt, with a book or rather just with soft music: Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a little break just for yourself.

  1. Search the web for "office gym" and select three exercises for the next day of school.

On Google or on YouTube you will find countless exercises for quick stretching and stretching in small breaks in between. Do something for your neck and back, or for your legs. If you are too embarrassed in the staff room, just use the toilet for your mini gymnastics unit. It is guaranteed to be worth it!

A little bonus tip at the end:

If you want to continue straight away after the 11 days, we recommend an individual follow-up challenge. Make the next plan right away - for example, for 7 days, during which you consciously exercise 30 minutes a day and each time you do something nice for yourself. Whether it's a round of jogging and then some time for a good book or a bike tour and then a delicious ice cream: do something good for yourself every day and take good care of yourself.