2024 A Year Dedicated to Information Technology in Pakistan

Embrace the future of engineering! Pakistan Engineering Council declares 2024 as the IT Year, spearheading innovation and digital evolution. Chairman Najeeb Haroon leads the charge toward a smarter

2024 A Year Dedicated to Information Technology in Pakistan

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has announced 2024 as the IT Year, marking a significant leap toward embracing innovation and digital evolution within the engineering community.

Engr Najeeb Haroon, Chairman of the Pakistan Engineering Council, is excited about steering a technological revolution. His vision aims to bid farewell to manual, paper-based processes, ushering in a smarter, digitally-driven era for the engineering sector.

Under the banner of "Innovate, Digitize, and Transform," Chairman Haroon encourages engineers to leverage technology's power. This rallying cry seeks to position PEC at the forefront of global innovation by harnessing digital advancements.

Chairman Najeeb Haroon is optimistic about the engineering community's adaptability in this era of rapid digital transformation. He assures skeptics that PEC is fully committed to providing necessary support, resources, and training for a seamless transition to the digital landscape.

The engineering sector's prominent figures are already discussing various initiatives aligned with the IT Year's objectives. Collaborative efforts among academia, industry, and the government are anticipated to play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious goals set for 2024.

As PEC spearheads digital transformation, the engineering community faces a crucial juncture. Balancing excitement for the future with a pragmatic approach, the IT Year's focus on innovation, digitization, and transformation promises to reshape Pakistan's engineering landscape and contribute significantly to global advancements in the field.